30 Every Day Things I’m Grateful For

Of course I’m thankful for having an apartment to shelter me, a husband who loves me, friends who support me, a job that challenges me, etc. But it’s easy to overlook the small, every day things that make my life better (or easier). I thought it would be a fun project to document 30 simple things that have made me smile in the past month, things I’m grateful/thankful for. What about you – what are you grateful for this month?

  1. Having no more laundry to do… for at least a week
  2. Learning a new word
  3. Eating a ridiculously good meal
  4. Having everything in its place
  5. Getting a nice foot massage
  6. Drinking red wine on a weeknight
  7. Unpacking and organizing the last box from our last move
  8. Going on a good morning run
  9. Having a girls night
  10. Waking up to sunshine
  11. Working from home
  12. Making time for date night
  13. Handwriting notes and to-do lists
  14. Listening to a music
  15. Practicing the piano
  16. Laughing with my friends
  17. Finishing an amazing book
  18. Enjoying a new book
  19. Preparing a nice meal
  20. Planning an trip
  21. Playing a board game
  22. Cuddling on the couch
  23. Texting with my sisters and mom
  24. Getting a Sophie pic
  25. Watching a fantastic new movie
  26. Reading all my saved Feedly articles
  27. Goofing off on Pinterest
  28. Getting a thank you card in the mail
  29. Wearing a pair of flattering jeans
  30. When writing this list, knowing I could look around and be happy about something

My Favorite Fall Fashion

I don’t consider myself a fashionista. The last time I picked up a Vogue was when Jennifer Lawrence was on the cover and I wanted to see her gorgeous photos with the glossy shine of a magazine slick.

I do, however, love to spruce up my wardrobe each fall. Maybe it’s residual excitement from back-to-school shopping, but I find myself adding a few chunky sweaters, a dark pair of jeans, and a few accessories to the mix every season.

This year I will need to do a little more damage to our bottom line… I accidentally donated all my sweaters to Goodwill when getting rid of my chubby clothes. (Note to self: label everything!) Here are some of the items on my wishlist, along with what I consider to be fall’s best trends.


Leather jacket (faux, of course). While robe coats were all over the runway this season, my go-to outerwear choice for the crisp fall months is a sleek faux leather jacket. The right one will look good with anything underneath it, from jeans and a flannel to a LBD. I love sleek styles, like this one from Wilsons Leather in black.

Layers. When done right, this is my favorite fall look. Try a patterned oxford under a solid sweater or a chambray top and heavy tights under your favorite summer dress. It’s so fun to mix and match different patterns and styles!

Scarves. The most versatile accessory a girl can have, in my opinion – have you seen this video with all the different ways to tie a scarf? I’m on the hunt for a great skull patterned scarf, like this one from Etsy.

Chunky sweaters. It could be because I work from home, but I find myself drawn more to comfy clothes that are slightly too big and feature expanding waistlines. Thick, large-knit sweaters are definitely my bag.

Boots. Tall, short, casual, dressy… doesn’t matter for this fall staple. I have my tall pair of brown and black boots that can easily be dressed up or down. I’ve had my eyes on these casual boots from Target. A nice pair of booties for professional trips would be great, too.

Flannel + flashy necklace. Something new for me this year, and a trend that’s popping up on my Pinterest feed. Pairing a fancy necklace with a more casual flannel top is a fun way to dress up for fall outings.

Hosting Out-of-Town Guests

As I wrap up this month’s edition focused on travel, it’s important to remember that travel doesn’t always mean I am going somewhere… This past weekend we hosted Alex’s dad and stepmom, who came to visit from Michigan, and I thought I’d share some of my favorite tips for making guests feel as welcome and comfortable as possible.


Things to Buy

  • New candle for the guest room (or a plugin scent, like the Glade Cashmere Woods one I used)
  • Local treats (Berger cookies are always a hit here in Bawl’mer!)
  • Custom snacks/drinks (it’s always nice to reach out to get preferences before your guests arrive)
  • Bottled water (especially for out-of-state guests)

Things to Have On Hand

  • Neighborhood maps or visitors guides (especially if you live near a big city)
  • WiFi password (I’ve seen some nice ideas on Pinterest for displaying your password, we keep ours on a Post-It)
  • TV channel list (this is very handy if you don’t have a main cable box in your guestroom)

Things For the Guestroom

  • A wastebasket (often overlooked, always needed)
  • Have an extra blanket and 1-2 pillows available (I’m lusting over this one from Pottery Barn)
  • Soft lighting for late-night reading (something like this Ikea lamp is perfect)
  • A mini fan or heater (depending on the season)

For the Bathroom

  • A basket of sample bath/beauty products (I love sharing my Birchbox samples!)
  • Set out a few towels/washcloths (I like to spray them with a nice, fresh scent)
  • Buy a bottle of Poo-Pourri (trust me, life will never be the same again)

Things For Entertainment

  • Check out your local event calendar (maybe there’s a music festival or art show going on!)
  • Pre-select restaurants to make choosing a dinner spot easier on everyone (also helps to know your guests’ preferences beforehand)
  • Common house computer (we have an extra laptop that we keep in the living room so guests can log on to check email, etc.)

Do you have any other ideas that help make your guests feel right at home?