December 2014 Edition // Wonderful Christmastime


Twinkling lights. Mistletoe. Cookies. Stockings. Parties. Carols. Presents. What’s not to love about the holiday season?

This month is about celebrating and spoiling the people you love. It’s especially celebratory this year as both my BFF and I are turning 30 (what?!) in a handful of days. There isn’t a free weekend between now and New Year’s – and I couldn’t be more excited.

I have a lot to look forward to this December:

  • Holiday party in downtown Baltimore (I love getting dressed up!)
  • Getting my first real Christmas tree (hopefully a big fat one)
  • Singing along to Christmas carols (N’SYNC has the best holiday album ever – haters gonna hate)
  • Buying special presents for friends and family (I’ve been keeping lists of ideas all year long)
  • Watching all my favorite holiday movies (it’s too hard to pick just one)
  • Celebrating Ashley’s birthday – twice! (day drinking/movie/hookah lounge and then a night of clubbing – can’t wait!)
  • Celebrating my birthday (it’s a surprise)
  • Baking the best Christmas cookie recipe in the world (I’ll post it later this month)
  • Having our annual Married Christmas celebration (it’s a tradition I look forward to, matching shirts and all)
  • Visiting friends in St. Louis for New Year’s (days of good food, awesome people, and lots of laughs)

What about you – what are you looking forward to this holiday season?