A New Season

turning leaves by misty morning prints Changing your habits is never an easy task, even if those changes are forced upon you. Ask someone who is fighting an illness or disease and has to drastically change their eating habits. It is 100% a mental game. 

How many New Year’s resolutions have you made and not followed through on? Or maybe you’ve committed to cleaning more frequently around your house after a particularly grueling round of spring cleaning… only to fall back in your dust-when-company-is-coming ways just a few short weeks later.

Recently, I looked around my apartment with utter shock at the amount of gidgets, gadgets, knick-knacks, pairs of shoes, you-name-it laying around our 1,000-ish square foot, 1 bedroom/1 den apartment. Shirts I haven’t worn in over a year still hang in my closet. Pots and pans and kitchen tools I probably forgot how to use are taking up limited cabinet space. Books I’ll never read. Bottles of lotion and nail polish.

My initial reaction was annoyance. Look at all the money I had wasted buying (or asking for) things I didn’t need. At the time, the slightly pinkier pink nail polish brought me happiness. Now I just wanted to throw it out – the color didn’t work with my skin tone anyway. I imagined living in a tiny house set in the woods with a finite list of belongings. But then I glanced around at all the items I held onto for sentimental value and realized downsizing that much wasn’t really my style, either.

As I get closer to turning 30, I am making a conscience effort to become the woman I want to be – a checklist of how I want to be in my personal relationships, my career, my everyday life. Not that there’s anything wrong with me now, but I don’t see myself as a woman who watches TV more than reads books (even though at the moment I know more about ‘The Real Housewives’ than Shakespeare). Preparing to become a parent (we’re not really trying, but I know it’s not too far into the future) has also made me look at the choices I’ve made and those I need to make very differently.

#2: Limit TV watching to 1 hour each weekday. #5: Eat clean. #9: Find a signature scent. And now, #12: Edit belongings and change shopping habits. I had added another item to my transformational checklist.

Luckily, two back-to-back work trips prevented me from irrationally throwing out my non-necessities as a quick-solve for #12. As I was walking around in Boston during the beginning of my second event, I had the opportunity to walk through the Boston Public Garden. Although it was well into October, only a few trees had started to turn from green to red or gold – one in particular caught my eye. It was half red and half green. In the middle of its transformation.

Fall is a season of change and I am in a season of change myself. It’s okay that I don’t have it all figured out – I can be partly red and partly green and still okay with my progress. Change isn’t easy but it’s the one part of life that is constant. As long as I keep a positive and realistic outlook on what I am working toward, I think that will help make me the woman I want to be.

Insert Snappy Title Here // Disclaimer

Have you read Tina Fey’s ‘Bossypants‘ or Mindy Kaling’s ‘Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? And Other Concerns‘? You may also be excited about the upcoming memoirs by Amy Poehler and Lena Dunham (like I am). These bad-@$$ ladies have inspired me to write a little more about my life and the funny, weird, sad, uplifting, depressing, and amazing situations I’ve gotten myself into.

But first things first:


Sarcasm, hyperbole, and exaggeration are my main methods of communication.

If I have more than one of something, I have 47 of them (not sure why that number is significant).

If something happens one time, it always happens.

If I really like something, I am borderline obsessed with it. No wonder I’ve seen ‘The Little Mermaid‘ hundreds of times.

While all of the stories and situations I’ll be sharing are 100% true, I should just say they are based on true events. For example: my mom really did have a giant praying mantis on her pant leg when she opened the door to a shop in Tennessee during a family vacation. I don’t believe it was an actual ‘blood curdling scream’, but that’s how I like to tell it. Sounds better than “and she screamed loudly” – am I right?

I’m also a little bit of a goofball, but I think that just makes me more interesting. Like this one time I dressed myself up as a Bret Michaels pirate (and it wasn’t Halloween):

And no, I won’t regret posting that. Ever.

A Little About Me

I remember back when I had a LiveJournal… I almost wish I had archived all my old posts, if only to go back and remember how I was feeling, who I was friends with, and what I cared about at that time in my life. I never kept handwritten journals – the few times I tried, it was during a particularly difficult time (aka when I was being particularly dramatic), and I ended up ripping out the pages and throwing them away once I turned things around.

Recently, I was reading one of my favorite blogs and thought – wow, it’s amazing that I’ve been following this woman from her engagement to her new home to her new baby (in addition to the multitude of DIY projects, recipes and new art she introduced to me). Wouldn’t it be great if I had a space to capture all the beautiful things in my life… and maybe inspire others along the way?

I hope this becomes a space to not only share personal stories and archive the beautiful things, tips/tricks, projects, and recipes I’ve tried, but also make new friends and use these experiences to inspire my creative business.


I am 29 years old… for the next three months. I don’t feel like I thought I would at 30 – I know the best life has to offer is still ahead of me and I’m excited for what is next.

My wonderful husband, Alex, has been my partner for 9 years. I couldn’t have asked for a more amazing, supportive person to share my life with – he’s hilarious, witty, handsome, super charming, and happens to be the smartest person I know. I’m a lucky girl.

Family and friendships are very important to me – I’ve even asked my sister Crystle and BFF Ashley to share some posts here, too! I also have another sister, Ashley, who shares my passion for all things Disney.

I have a great full time gig as a marketing manager for a health care company. I love my boss and team plus I get to travel around the country to attend conferences and events!

I also like to spend my free time doing one (or more – I like to multitask) of the following things:

  • Perusing Feedly posts and Pinterest pins
  • Going to see a movie with Alex (usually horror, his favorite)
  • Reading a new book (currently reading The Kite Runner)
  • Spending time with my friends on the weekend playing board games, hanging out at karaoke, or going on an adventure
  • Watching a reality show (especially competition-based – singing, dancing, cooking, I love them all!)
  • Cooking a good meal with my BFF
  • Playing a good game of Dr. Mario or Tetris
  • Binge-watching great TV, old and new (right now, I’m most looking forward to the upcoming last season of Sons of Anarchy)
  • Looking at pictures and videos of my beautiful niece, Sophie and wishing I was in Michigan to see her every day
  • Planning trips with friends (Alex and I are visiting friends and celebrating our anniversary in Fort Lauderdale this weekend!)

Life is good. Don’t get me wrong, I still have my bad days (or weeks, sometimes), but I want to focus on sharing goodness here. Besides, I’d probably just delete all the negative posts after I’ve turned things around 🙂