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Snappy-Title_HIMMHMy husband, Alex, is the best person I know. Which is perfect since I’m going to spend the rest of my days with him. We just celebrated his birthday on Halloween and I thought now was a great time to be mushy and talk about how we first met and why I love him so much.

We met online. Not an uncommon thing in 2014, but our story starts in early 2005 – back when Facebook was a means for college students to connect with each other. He messaged me because we both attended Wayne State University, grew up close to each other, and he thought I was cute (always a bonus). We talked almost every day – he claims he still has some of our old chats saved, but in order to prevent my death from embarrassment I’ve decided to never ask to see them.

When I think back to what drew me to him, I remember all of the late-night conversations we used to have on the phone and how easy he was to talk to. He made me feel comfortable as we were getting to know each other better. He’s sweet and funny and a great friend – someone you want to talk to about your day, what you’re feeling and thinking. Even though we lost touch for a little while, I never stopped thinking about him.

Once we reconnected, I talked about him a lot at work and found out one of my coworkers had gone to high school with him – she convinced me that I should take him up on his offer for a date. We finally met in person in August of 2005. I remember getting myself all dolled up and waiting nervously in the parking lot where we decided to meet. We drove to Detroit for dinner at PizzaPapalis (still one of our favorite places in the city) and I was more shy than I probably should have been. I didn’t talk a lot, only when he asked me questions or I had a couple of my own. I honestly wasn’t sure if he wanted to see me again – maybe I wasn’t outgoing enough for him. But he called the next day, and the next. And by the end of the month we decided to date exclusively.


His smile. It’s like this half-smirk that just melts my heart. I would race from one job to another job to class to his place and know that smile would be greeting me at the door every time. My favorite part of the day was cuddling up and watching a movie or TV show together (something we both still love to do now). When our crazy schedules allowed for it, we’d head to Detroit and hang out with his friends or go to a local karaoke bar with my friends. I knew things were getting serious when we started mixing the two groups.

I remember I told him that I loved him for the first time by accident. It’s not that I didn’t mean it, but it was still pretty early in our relationship. I said it quickly, then just stared at him like “ohgodohgodohgodohgod” until he smiled and hugged me. I didn’t need him to say it back then – I knew he was a thoughtful person and would say it when he felt the time was right. One night at Vito’s in Lincoln Park, after I’d sung a silly song with a few of my girlfriends and was feeling buzzed on lemon drop shots, he told me he was in love with me. (Side note: for my fellow Michiganders, I’m aware at how “Downriver” I sound)

We’ve been together for going on 10 years. We moved from Michigan to Maryland, he went to law school, we got married, we’re excited to start a family. Stories for another edition of this column, I suppose – he’s just so great he deserves multiple chapters! He has helped me become the person I am today – he encourages me to be strong and confident, to challenge myself at work and with my hobbies (like this blog), to learn more about the universe and develop my core beliefs, to be a better friend and partner. And nothing I will ever say or do could express how deeply grateful I am for his presence in my life.

To my handsome, intelligent, thoughtful, sweet, funny, kind, ABSOLUTELY AMAZING partner – thank you for being you.


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