October 2014 Edition // Fall Fun


October tends to be the most exciting and fun month of the year for me. There’s something about the leaves changing from green to golden yellow, bright red, and orange rust that beckons me to play outside a little more, before the snow keeps me bundled up for the winter. My calendar is packed with more trips, visits to a pumpkin patches and cider mills, and (if I’m lucky) a bonfire or two.

Halloween also happens to be my husband’s birthday/favorite holiday, so we decorate early with skulls, ghosts, and generally creepy things throughout our place. The month isn’t complete if we don’t make it to at least one haunted house. Halloween costumes are picked out with more care than our wedding attire.

This month I’m excited to share my favorite fall fashion, recipes, and activities, including tips on how to throw your own pumpkin carving party for friends!

I know I wrapped up the travel edition last month, but I wanted to share some of my favorite shots from our trip to Gatlinburg. I felt so at home in the Smokies and the whole group of us had a fantastic time exploring, sampling moonshine, and spending time at the gorgeous cabin.

Our Pigeon Forge cabin had a gorgeous view overlooking the mountains. It was something special at night, when we were all huddled in the hot tub, looking up at the stars.
Gatlinburg 2014

The moonshine industry is booming in downtown Gatlinburg. Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine has a huge distillery/store, but the best part of their location was the ‘holler’ where local musicians entertained guests.
Gatlinburg 2014

By far, Sugarlands Distilling Company had the best sampling experience – and the best tasting moonshine I’ve ever had! We bought one jar of the Apple Pie flavor and I’m already sad we didn’t do the buy 5, get one free deal. It’s that good.Gatlinburg 2014

Our stop at Fannie Farkle’s arcade brought back more than a few memories. Although they moved my favorite poker game to the back corner (along with the other busted-up machines from the early 90’s), the sound of the tickets being counted and the smell of the Ogle dogs cooking took me back. I walked away with a plastic spider ring, a mini deck of Old Maid, a Chinese finger trap, a postcard… and a huge smile on my face.Gatlinburg 2014

Although we didn’t spend too much time in the National Park, we did make a quick stop around dusk to take some photos at the scenic overlook above Gatlinburg. It’s a wonderful spot for photo ops, like this one of me and Ashley!Gatlinburg 2014

Something about being out in the woods just makes me happy. I was able to take a quick dog-friendly walk with some friends around the Sugarland Welcome Center. Believe it or not, the main Parkway is just on the other side of those trees!Gatlinburg 2014

And one last shot of the group!
Gatlinburg 2014

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